The spring elements

Hundreds of point-elastic spring elements support your body in your optimal sleeping position and relieve your spine. The patented metal-free spring elements are results of high-tech synthetic materials with no plasticizers. The prolonged durability and sustainability of our product in comparison to conventional yacht cushions helps to counteract rising waste levels. The FLEXIMA® spring elements are neither subject to corrosion nor do they enhance electro-magnetic interferences in the sleeping area.

ÖKO-TEX 100 certified.

Integrated microclimate

The main function of the unique inner life of FLEXIMA® mattresses is to create a microclimate, where humidity has no chance to exist. The center guarantees an air circulation for a healthy mattress! Our integrated FLEXIMA® system is perfect for home-marine-RV-furniture applications, especially for all humid regions, because with every move you make FLEXIMA® Support System lets your mattress breath.

Humidity has no chance to exist!

Adjustable to every customer

A truly unique feature is, that the spring elements can be removed easily from the stick and can be placed
however the customer wants it. That means the firmness of the mattress is customizable for everyone.
We want to achieve the maximum comfort for all our clients around the world.