Matratzen nach Maß

Innovative custom made ship mattresses
Yacht mattress

The carinthian MM Matratzen Manufaktur GmbH produces the comfortable ship mattresses made to measure. Our worldwide available custom made boat mattresses are designed to receive a well-rested sleep and 100% fitting accuracy. You can find our FLEXIMA® mattresses on yachts, liners and sailing ships! FLEXIMA® Nautic mattresses are especially designed for the open sea and promise acomfortable and well-rested sleep.
The boat/yacht mattress are handmade and perfect fit

Our high-end boat mattress comes with high quality cold-cure foam, a clever inner life and a skin friendly cover. Our FLEXIMA® boat mattresses are delivered in any size and shape and guarantees 100% fitting accurately. The only thing we need to produce your custom made mattress is a sketch or a template of the bottom side of the mattress!

Decades of tradition in the manufacture
of ship, boat & yacht mattress

Decades of experience in producing the most comfortable and custom made ship mattresses has made us a leader in our industry.We guarantee a consistently high quality of sleep and the best possible advice. Become the owner of the best ship mattress in the world! We literally spend most of our lives in bed. Therefore, the production of the most ship mattresses has been an important topic for centuries. In our society, the importance of “healthy sleep” has been meticulously proven by medical research. We solve the problems of uncomfortable sleep on expensive yachts. In the course of our company history, we have perfected the production of custom-made ship mattresses, thus greatly expanding our international reputation and expanding successfully worldwide.

Our ship mattress customers:
From ship or yacht builders to circumnavigators

Thousands of captains and sailors are already sleeping on our comfortable boat mattresses. The number of our customers is increasing daily and that in turn is the best proof that we are right with our premium-made quality.

In our firm-activity we have to master again and again exciting and varied challenges. No matter at what places our ship mattresses are needed exactly, we are happy to tackle even the most difficult tasks. And always the high boat mattress quality and the satisfaction of our customers remains the focus of our activities.
Lot of Yacht mattress applications
Our FLEXIMA® mattresses find their advantage everywhere. Whether on the high seas in superyachts, over the clouds in private planes, at home or in various mobile homes. In every area, our FLEXIMA® mattress ensures maximum comfort and convinces with perfect workmanship and quality of the materials.
A range of additional products complement our offer: yacht mattress toppers, custom fitted blankets, Flexidream children’s mattresses, baby mattresses, pillows, blankets and much more. We are also happy to special requests and take a lot of time for your request.
The FLEXIMA® mattress spring elements made of plastic are manufactured since 2017 by the mattress manufactory itself.Meanwhile, the newly designed system, is patented and protected worldwide by PCT application.

Outstanding award
in the “Yacht”-Magazine 2/2018

Worthwhile investment: FLEXIMA ship or yacht mattresses with integrated slatted frame. The Austrian mattress manufacturer has equipped its products with new spring elements made of plastic, which replace a slatted frame. The innovative internal parts make it easier to define lying areas and the cold foam mattress is flexible and can simply be squeezed through narrow doors or hatches. We have tested a custom-made, 18 cm high FLEXIMA®-Comfort in medium hardness for a season on about 70 nights with different subjects who are completely convinced. The sleeping comfort grew compared to the also new standard upholstery noticeable, the sleep was much more relaxing, back problems remained. For ventilation a spacer fabric is integrated, it runs on the fuselage sides up to the upper edge. The cover is removable and washable. The two segments of the foreship mattress are connected by zippers. Price example: 1,650 euros for 1.60 x 2.00 meters.

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